You See What You See

Interpret this work with your first reaction. If you only see the body, then it’s just one body, nothing else. If you feel suffocated, then it is the repression and bondage. If you see the connection between human and mother nature, then it is the process of purifying the soul and finding the true self. 


To me, she's undefinable.

When I first had the idea for this work in my mind, I was thinking about feminism, stereotype, inequality, prejudice, and etc. When I truly blend in with the soil, my nasal cavity is filled with the smell of mud. I felt flustered, everything is holding its breath inside me. I can feel the tiny particles falling into my nose and mouth, my nervousness almost frightens me. My inspiration comes from Francis Alys’s work. The first time I saw his work, I would not associate his work with political themes. His work seems very casual, “Sometimes doing something poetic can become political and sometimes doing something political can become poetic.” This is how people perceive him. I also want to use this concept to present my work.