In the process of claiming my artistic practice, I pay attention to conflicts and contradictions of our society. I think the society changes with each different relationship and depends more on its concept of depth, versatility, and complexity. I am interested about the standard mores and people being aware of their responsibilities. I coincided with developing ideas around gender and race, human and nature, man and power. I began to explore the relationship between social justice and the individual through various art forms. My inspirations are come from literature, social interactions such as protests and other forms of narratives.​​​​


As shown on the left, Make My Bed is one of my recent artwork. And as part of the green theme, my inspiration is come from the Extinction Rebellion. Instead of present the silent protest of individual, passers-by's reactions are the key element. As a result, I want my art practice is a tool that can be used not only for appreciation of beauty, but also for the assessment of our society. Art can have  have a positive impact on the development of a society. The aim of art, through its meditations and doubts, is to emphasize the situation we live in.


During my recent art practice, the resulting work may reflect different themes, my art piece embrace elements of installation, photograph, video, performance, and more. I have always interested in repetition installation, I love to make a repeat pattern or object. A large scale installation considers shapes, lines, framing, angles, negative space, where to place the point of focus in the human’s eyes for maximum impact. This is what I have been pursuing.