Future Plan

In my years of studying abroad, I am glad to say that I chose fine art as my major. I develop art as a hobby. My enthusiasm for fine arts started to bubble up inside me at a surprisingly tender age mainly because of my grandfather, who used to be a museum curator. He taught me how to read and appreciate artistic works, and this experience has shaped my own pathway. So for that reason I think I’d like to work in art gallery for one or two years in Shanghai. Because I want to try different positions in different galleries. Meanwhile, I will continue my art practice in my free time. For an artist, it’s important to own a studio, but to start with I don't think I will be able to afford a studio after the graduation. That’s why I would like to work for a while.


On the other hand, I am also interested about the art environment in China. Working in an art gallery can help me touch with artists who have made certain achievements in contemporary art circle in China; and also newly recognized artists. After I have enough economic foundation and social experience, I will seize the opportunity and  use those connections to develop my art career.


If I’m feeling burned out and overwhelmed of busy life, I may move to Jingdezhen one day. The city is often called the “Porcelain Capital” for its important role in the domestic and international ceramic industry. And I have studied ceramics in college for two semesters. In the process of making ceramic, it brings inner calmness and tranquility that external circumstances cannot disturb or upset. Devoting myself to work and indulging in craftsman spirit.



Skills that I have acquired:

  • communication, teamwork

  • instal the work

  • research, collect and collate informations

Immurement was a group exhibition at the Crypt Gallery at Saint Pancras, London which included my installation project Long Sleep After Death (2019), pictured below. With the help from the research team, the installation team and the curation team, the exhibition was very well organized and achieved success.


According to the dictionary, immurement means to enclose within walls; to shut in, to imprison; to build into or entomb in a wall. This includes instances where people have been enclosed in extremely tight confinement, such as within a coffin. On the other hand, the Crypt itself was designed and used for coffin burials from 1822; 200(+) years of stories buried within the walls of Crypt.


With this information, I was mainly interested in the history of the surroundings and I started to thinking what is the best way to combine the title immurement and the underground environment together to make my work more outstanding and coordinating. 


The resulting work- each skeleton brick is well designed and assembled together as a skeleton wall. A wall that blocks life and death (more info). 

Beyond the work, my contribution included assistance in private view night and welcome the guests, as well as lending a hand during installation and deinstallation, all of which were useful in practicing professional and practical skills. In order to provide good services to our guests, me and my teammates reasonably used our budget, and made adequate preparations for the private view event. Besides this job, I gave assistance to those who need my help, and communicate actively with all my classmates.

I Can See You


Skills that I have acquired:

  • problem solving 

  • make reasonable assumptions

  • communication, teamwork

  • instal the work

I can see you is a pop up exhibition that took place in Wimbledon College of Arts. The main theme of this exhibition is to “Adopt a Space”. For nascent artists  those with limited gallery representation, it’s not always easy to take control of their careers. So finding a suitable location becomes extremely important, learn to leverage the resources around you.


Due to the particularity of time, place and content, me and my group only have a week to prepare for the pop up exhibition. The first challenge was consensus of opinion. Everyone has been entitled his own opinion, we have to learn to choose. The second challenge was how to attract others attention, how to stand out with other groups. Fortunately, we adopted the space particularly well.


We formed a phrase “I Can See You” with helium balloons. Then put it outside the window and floated up into the sky. The sun shone, We can see the balloon hung straight in the air when there is no wind. It can be seen even at a great distance.


The phrase “I Can See You” is an emphatic sentence, to highlight our theme- big brother is watching us; 24/7 surveillance tactics to manipulate all citizens of the populace. But the balloon element also helps ease the tension of the subject, it brings people a sense of pleasure.

A Girl Walking Alone At Night


Skills that I have acquired:

  • problem solving 

  • time management

  • cooperation

  • culture interaction

After the Spring break, me and Chiara Pellegrini, Luyao Zhang and Parichat Tanapiwattanakul had our corridor exhibition A Girl Walking Alone At Night. The theme of this exhibition is about gender inequality and sexual harassment.

Along with social progress and the rise of feminism, women's rights even more widespread attention, but the subject of women's rights as women are in the margins of society. The public should notice the discrimination and unfair treatment from which women suffer. Put aside other social problems, let me ask you: as a solo female, do you feel comfortable walking around the area alone at night? When you get judgmental looks, will you pick up the pace? No matter how well the society is constructed, these unpleasant voices always exist in our lives. 


“Hey, baby, how are you? Do you wanna grab a drink?”


“Come on girl, you look lonely, looking for some fun?”


“Honey, I can give you a ride!”


“I love your boobs.”


These problems are hard to solve. So we recorded some unwelcome sexual verbal audio from different language. Our aim is to make everyone to experience this unpleasant social phenomena, and voiced our interest in change.